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Hai Nhan is always innovating technology to create superior values to customers.

The following technologies is covered by Hai Nhan’s copyright.

Hai Nhan Web-Caching technology

Commonly, the browser begins a communication by making a request for a specific resource using and the server responds with the content of that resource.

Web-caching is the information technology for the temporary storage that has been stored on the server once and for all. A reserve cache stores copies of documents passing through it; the next requests may be satisfied from them quickly.

The advantages of web-caching technology include:

  • 80% increase in web loading time.
  • 80% increase in web server performance.
  • Improve safety performance.

Hai Nhan Friendly URL technology

Friendy URL is web addresses include important keywords that describe the content of the page. For example, the URL to this article might be:


This type of URL can help describe content of the web. Therefore, this is helpful to search engines to get search engine-referred traffic due to the keywords in the URL. These are used for determining relevancy and computing rankings.

Furthermore, we also have Mod-Rewrite URL technology that is a very powerful and sophisticated module which provides a way to do friendly URL manipulations without parameters.