Web design

A quality web design can have a huge impact of brand perception. Similarly the idea office location is convenient, accessible and presents a good image, that create the best impression on clients visiting your office.


Step-by-step ideas for planning your new website:

  • Define and clarify the strategy of presence on the Internet;
  • Positioning brand image, user experience for customers;
  • Building data structure & website content;
  • Choosing technologies, solutions & platforms for website development;
  • Website interface design;
  • Programming, integrating tools or data from APIs of other data management software;
  • Input data, test run & publish website;Support website promotion, marketing, SEO - keyword optimization on Google...


Hai Nhan will delivery a creative web which is specifically designed to accommodate trademark and brand name, is a key factor that we pursue. We build a unique result and make your business stand out.


The website will use its own data management software developed by Hai Nhan, unlike other open source platforms, Hai Nhan's own toolkit is highly customizable & flexible in all situations and requirements. investor demand.

Hai Nhan's content management software is developed in C# programming language based on Microsoft .NET technology, ensuring the following factors:

  • Fulfill any customization requirements flexibly;
  • Easily search and manage information;
  • Integrate with all kinds of APIs of other software to exchange data;
  • Speed up access to the website with Web-Caching Technology (web page caching);
  • Site URL (URL) friendly.

We can make sure a high quality website will improve to your business by regular interaction with your customers/partners even though your e-commerce is not available now.

Big projects we've done

In the Customers page you will see more of our actual products. Here, we would like to introduce 2 big projects with more detailed information.

Fulbright University Vietnam

Year of implementation: 2012 - until now.
Status: In use & under development

  • The school's main website & sub-websites.
  • School Library Website.
  • Student Management
  • Learning Management
  • Course Registration
  • Discussion board
  • Course Management
  • Admissions Manager

Tu Du Hospital - Ho Chi Minh City
Year of implementation: 2008 - up to now.
Status: In use & under development

  • Hospital website
  • Q&A Module
  • Online Discussion
  • Neonatal Screening Manager of the Department of Genetics

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.